Reasons to Use a Waterproof Rug Pad

Reasons to use a Waterproof Rug Pad vary from home to home. Popular reasons for use of a waterproof rug pad include a home with active young children or one with indoor pets.

Waterproof Rug Pad for Accidental Spills
If you have a home with active young children, your rugs can be candidates to use a waterproof rug pad under them. It is almost impossible to prevent a young child from spilling a glass of milk or juice, so a waterproof rug pad can truly hold up to the pressure! All spills are prevented from reaching the floor with the Moisture Barrier within our Waterproof Rug Pads. This is an excellent barrier, as it keeps all spills on the surface until they are cleaned up. If your home is susceptible to frequent spills, then you have a good reason to use a Waterproof Rug Pad!

Waterproof Rug Pad for Animal Accidents
Many people love animals, and for good reason! Unfortunately, many time for reasons that cannot be controlled, animals do have accidents. Unlike that of spilled water, animal urine can cause permanent damage to hardwood or wood floors. Use of a Waterproof Rug Pad under any area rug that can experience animal accidents will assure the safety of the floor.
Spillguard's Moisture Barrier works to prevent any animal urine penetrating through to the floor. This truly prevents the damage that can be caused to any floor. While the urine will stay on top of the rug pad, it is still best to blot it up when possible to avoid any damage to the area rug. The important thing to know is that until the accident is cleaned up, your floor remains fully protected with your Waterproof Rug Pad.

These are some of the more common reasons to use a Waterproof Rug Pad and we know that there may be other reasons as well. In any case, by using the rug pad, you protect your wood floors from possible severe damage.