How to Prevent Pet Odors On Your Floor

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How to Prevent Pet Odors on Your Floor

We understand that pets can have accidents which can cause stains and odors. Stainmaster rug pad helps to prevent any odors from pets with a unique moisture and odor resistant barrier that prevents common penetration to the floor.

Stainmaster Brand rug and carpet pad is a memory foam blended padding that offers any area rug and floor protection against wear and damage, protection against moisture damage and added comfort. Unlike many other traditional foam carpet pads, our Stainmaster contains a unique moisture barrier that not only prevents moisture penetration, it also prevents odors with Odor Guard Technology.

Stainmaster memory foam blended rug pad is a full 1/2" thick padding covered with a surface of film that features Odor Guard Technology - An added benefit of preventing odors from animal accidents, as well as various spills. Until now, we have seen Spillguard rug pad with a moisture barrier, yet Stainmaster also adds the Odor Guard feature that truly prevents moisture and odor in any room and on any floor.

Since we offer Stainmaster rug and carpet padding for all types of area rugs, we offer it in various sizes and shapes. We often receive requests from customers with very active households that can include children and pets. Such lifestyles are more susceptible to spills and accidents to their floors and Stainmaster is an excellent compliment to offer the protection that can otherwise cause damage.

An added benefit to the moisture and odor protection that is offered by Stainmaster, is the fact that it also offers an exceptional level of comfort to any hard rug and floor. A full 1/2" thick memory foam blended material is compressed within the rug pad to prevent harm from falls, as well as to make the floor more inviting for sitting and playing. 

View the entire line of sizes and shapes of Stainmaster rug pad, as well as enjoy the benefits of how to prevent pet odors on your floor.