Benefits of a Rug Pad

A rug pad can add so many benefits to your rug and floor, so it is important to insure that every area rug in your home has one.  It adds comfort, protection and safety to all rugs and floors.

Rug pads protect rugs from wear and damage. Use of a rug pad can prolong the life of any area rug. When an area rug is used, it can experience much stress, the rug pad is used to absorb any stress and pressure to prevent premature wear and damage to the rug. When a rug is walked on, the rug pad prevents penetration to the floor, preventing the back of the rug wearing against the hard floor. This protects the rug from wear.

Longevity of the Rug
Rug pads can also help the face of the rug retain its pile. As a rug is walked on, this causes crushing of the face fibers of the rug. A dense rug pad reacts to help the fibers spring back to position and reduce any matting or wearing of the face of the rug. This keeps your rug looking good over its lifetime.

Comfort and Insulation
Rug pads provides comfort and insulation.  Floors can be quite hard and uncomfortable and the right rug pad can change this. Rug pads are available in various thicknesses to add various levels of comfort under any area rug. This also adds insulation against sound and cold as well as providing noise reduction. 

Rug pads provide more effective care. Rugs are easier to clean and keep clean with a rug pad under them. With a rug pad under your rug, vacuuming is more effective. The rug pad allows for an air flow to result in more effective vacuuming. This prolongs the life of your rug and keeps it cleaner as more dirt and dust is extracted from the base of your rug.