About Us

Welcome to Waterproof Rug Pad, a Division of Flooring Decor Group, LLC.

Waterproof Rug Pad is the Authorized Online Supplier of Genuine Spillguard and Stainmaster Rug and Carpet Pads - Offering all sizes and shapes of waterproof and water resistant pads for all types of area rugs and floors.

Waterproof Rug Pad is a family driven company stemming from more than thirty years in the area rug industry. We have shipped more than 300,000 rug pads since we started offering them online in 2007. Over the years, we realized that many customers have a common problem of “accidents” on their rugs, so we chose to offer genuine waterproof rug and carpet pads manufactured by the trusted Spillguard and Stainmaster Brands.

Where We Are
We are based in Connecticut in our own warehouse and this is where all orders are processed, cut, prepared and shipped from. We have a very large volume of daily shipping due to the fact that we supply many retailers, designers and homeowners. In our warehouse you can find hundreds of rolls of waterproof rug pads that are cut into customer orders. We never keep any cut and folded rug pads, as we believe this compromises the condition of the product.

Our People
Our family and staff is very dedicated to your floors - So much that we only place 100% American-made products on all floors. We strive to process and fulfill each order as if were our own - With the highest level of quality control. Each part of your order passes through a dozen eyes to assure a consistently above average customer experience and quality control.

We started the rug pad business online and we know all there is to know about rugs and rug pads. A few years ago, we started offering complimentary custom cut rug pads and this is probably about 80% of our orders today. Your rug pad can be cut to the proper size for your area rug and we are happy to do it. This service falls into one of core beliefs that a customer should not need to do anything when they receive our rug pad other than open it up and place the rug on it!

We are proud to be an active and current member of Rug Pad Retailers of America. This industry organization was formed to praise rug pads manufactured in the USA. Rug pad Retailers of America (RPRA) strives to educate and offer facts on rug pads made in the USA; their benefits, why to use them and where to buy them. Due to the popular false advertising of rug pads today, RPRA is more important then ever to maintain quality control and informative resources for anyone looking to buy a rug pad made in the USA. As a member, we commit to what the organization stands for and are very happy to play our role. Membership is very strict and only includes those suppliers who have proven to only offer rug pads made in the USA.